I found my passion for photography when I was just a kid. I had a point and shoot camera throughout my entire childhood, capturing so many random faces, details and memories that I love to look back on. Not much has changed since then as this hobby turned career has led me to so many incredible souls and locations that literally ignite my soul.

I am obsessed with the essence of humans and the way light enhances so many moments. I love connecting with souls of all kinds, from all over. I love being a part of peoples most important milestones and capturing them in the most authentic and raw way. I am here for intimate moments, long smooches, personal touches, vulnerable words, personal vows, tears (both happy and sad), adventure, elopements, destinations and love of all kinds. 

While I feel like I am in a forever state of growing and evolving, I also feel like I have gotten damn good at my job. I feel very confident in my process and my ability to connect with people. I have a way of making you feel comfortable and creating really timeless captures of you + your person. And I observe and work tirelessly for the people who trust me to capture their big day (and often all the milestones after that). I feel like I was put on this planet for this career, and I thank the universe every day for all the opportunities that this craft has brought me. 

Elopement & destination wedding photographer

hey, hi, hello, i'm Chelsea / Chels




Tel aviv, Israel
Porto, Portugal
Oregan Coast
Palm springs/joshua tree
Lake como, italy
costa rica
south of france
Puerto rico

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Bucket List Destination Wedding Locations

January / L.a.
March/ France + Northern Ireland
april/ Croatia
June/ toronto
july/ banff
August/ toronto

2024 Travels

travel schedule

Traveling and exploring the planet is my biggest motive in life. Experiencing culture and adventure are my hobby.

Owen and I were in the same residence in first year of college but didn't meet until second year when we became neighbours. We didn't even take a second look at eachother in that time of life. lol. He slid in my DM's 6 years later and the rest is history

I truly believe I lived on a little cobble stone street in a little European village my last life. I dream of moving my life to Portugal every single day.

I have a strange digestive system that forced me to pretty much stop drinking alcohol in my early 20's. I can handle the odd glass of wine but drinking just ain't my thang. Will never ever pass up a joint though 😉

Owen and I have 2 cats who hold the key to our hearts. Luna is the pretty white one, and Gibson is the little loaf on the floor. Lulu was mine prior to meeting Owen and Gibbo is our pandemic rescue baby. They run the house.

My family is hella important to me. I am the 27 year old who still calls her parents 6 times a day to share useless info about my day. They recently bought a house in Florida & my sister recently bought a house in Squamish so it is an event to all be together!

I just fucking love sunsets. I chase them whenever I can. That is all.

I have had a camera in my hand since I was as kid. I captured my entire childhood and all my friendships on a little point & shoot camera. Capturing moments is in my blood.



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