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Paola + Carla Old San Juan // La Perla, Puerto Rico

Apr 30, 2022



Last April, I went on a volunteer program to Puerto Rico with IVHQ. I spent the first half of my trip staying in a hostel on a colourful road in a residential area where I spent my days helping out around a community garden. The second part of my trip, I spent in a little airbnb that sat directly on the ocean in a little locals community called La Perla. When I say sat directly on the ocean, I mean quite literally was built on the shoreline of rocks where you drown in the sound of each wave hitting the shoreline all day and all night. My personal heaven. 

These two lovely, beautiful, kind humans were my airbnb hosts to this awesome little shack on the sea that I stayed in. I connected with them through the airbnb app and coordinated a time to meet for a couples shoot. Paola is a Spanish Cali girl who goes to Columbia U. Carla is born and raised Puerto Rican local. They met and fell in love when Paola was visiting PR for some personal travels. And really the rest is history for them 🥹

While I was expecting to just meet up for a brief shoot, we ended up spending almost the whole afternoon together! They showed me around La Perla, Old San Juan, took me to get empanadas, jumped a fence to their fave private beach that lined with a many hermit crabs. It was a day I will literally never forget. We obviously took all these beautiful, tropical shots along the way but the experience of feeling their passion for this beautiful island was truly incredible. 

I am so blessed to experience such wonderful people in such wonderful places. PR as a whole was a humbling and cup filling adventure. 

If you ever need PR recommendations – plz reach out, I’ve got so many things to share!

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