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Jessica + David // Delray Beach, Florida Wedding

May 10, 2023


November 2019, I came to Florida to visit my Grandma. At the time I was not overly busy and was (still am) dying to create epicness with stunning souls wherever I travelled to. I searched location tags here on insta to try and find some local couples to capture.

I came across @jessica_nutritionist who I saw was newly engaged and living in Delray Beach, not far from where I was staying with Grammy. I sent her a DM to see if her and her man, David wanted to do a lil beach engagement session. We unfortunately could not find a time where both her and David were available but when I had found out they hadn’t booked a photographer for their wedding yet, I was determined to win them over.

Jessica had some available time during the morning of the day I was heading back to Canada. I asked if she wanted to go grab some breakfast just to chat and hangout before I got on the plane. We met up at a cute lil restaurant down by the ocean where we chatted about love and life over a couple mimosas.

It was just a couple weeks later, when I received a DM from Jess letting me know that they officially set a date for their big day and wanted to have me come capture it 🥰 (fck YAAAAA!!!)

The pandemic unfortunately got a little bit in the way as they did have postpone a year and delayed all our plans but in October 2021, the wedding of their dreams finally happened and it was a damn pleasure getting to be a part of it.

The power of connection is everything to me. I feel so grateful Jess was able to take just an hour out of her life that one morning in 2019 to meet with me as it has now blossomed into something beautiful.


Planner – Blue Orchid Event Design

HMU – Luxe Boca Beauty

Venue – Benvenuto Restaurant

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