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A+J’s Bowen Island Engagement Session

May 2, 2024


When an island boy falls in love in a city girl… naturally their engagement photos need to be right in the middle.

Engagement sessions where I feel like I am just joining the couple on their average date/fave activity is truly the best way to capture love. I always recommend picking a location or vibe that has meaning to your relationship and then to take it to an even father level, adding an activity that is common to your relationship.

For these two, its taking the ferry, playing board games, being in the mountains, and deep conversation.

We met at the Bowen island ferry docks where we bought our tickets and headed onto the boat. We started in a cute corner of the ferry where we told stories and talked about their love story. We continued on to a find a table where they played their fave board game and then we went for a little walk around the outside of the ferry where we soaked in the salty air, stunning mountains and the dewy mist.

We got off the ferry and went for a rainy walk on Bowen Island. We found a dreamy stone bridge with 360 views. These two were so playful and soulful as they spoke kind words to each other and frolicked in the rain. We had some time to kill before getting back on the ferry so we went for a coffee and enjoyed some pastries.

When we got back on the ferry, we sat down in a quiet corner. J + A giggled and cuddled as they wrote each other love notes. It was an overall perfect story to their love. What a damn privilege it is to experience a love like this while being surrounded by the zen energy of the sea & mountains. 12/10 recommend planning an adventure for your session so we can really tell your story.

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