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Flocker’s Workshop: Northern Ireland

Apr 10, 2024


At the beginning of March, I attended a workshop in Northern Ireland called The Flockers Workshop. It was ran by two insanely talented women from Austria; a wedding photographer named Selina Flasch & a wedding planner named Nina Walcher. They planned a whole 4 day photography workshop where photographers from all over the world gathered to learn from some of Europe’s best wedding photographers. We stayed in sweet 17th century stone cottages at a place called Limepark where they served excellent homemade, local food and had the most aesthetically pleasing and cozy accommodations.

Our opening night consisted of ice breakers, a delicious candle lit dinner and a live Irish folk band. The following 3 days after that consisted of a whole lot of learning, absorbing, business chats, epic views, editing sessions, scones & coffee, mind blowing perspective changes, connection and lots of lots of laughs. Day 1 was lead by the brilliant, young & beautiful Gaby Bolivar. She did a deep dive into the importance of business delegation and outsourcing in order to have the max creative capacity for every client. Day 2 was lead by by the abstract, cinematic queen, Anna from @ohh.ginger. She talked about the power of mixing reality and imagination to create truly dreamy and romanticized images. She is one of my biggest inspirations of all time, so being in her presence and getting insight into her creative brain was a truly mind blowing + life changing experience for me. The last two days was lead by the story telling king, Rafel from @one.story.hero . I had not heard of this insanely talented man before the workshop so I was deeply unprepared by the magic I learned from him. He directs his sessions with a whole cinematic story in mind and it was really enlightening approach to capturing the human essence.

All in all, I feel like a changed human after this workshop. Sometimes it feels scary investing big bucks into learning with the fear you wont get your moneys worth but this workshop was far from that. I left Northern Ireland with a wild perspective change, a new photographic approach, endless inspiration and some new international friends. I am someone who is a in constant state of trying to evolve and be the best version I can be for my clients and I truly feel like investing in this workshop was one of the best things I have ever done for me & my business.

Below are just some of the MANY epic stylized shoots from the workshop. I truly miss the flock so much.

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